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Free Online Batch Image Resizer and Compressor

This application allows you to resize and compress a single image or multiple images in a batch mode, preserving the aspect ratio of the images. It's very useful if you want to reduce a photo to a smaller size.

Select your images (.jpg, .png)

Type the new width

Image quality (92%)

For what or for whom is this app useful?

The Bulk Image Resizer is useful for photographer, designers or SEO experts. One of the jobs of SEO optimization is to reduce and compress the size of the images. This app will help you to reduce the size in pixels and choose a level quality to compress it.

Alternatively, you can resize to a new dimension and maintain 92% of the quality compression (standard compression used when resizing) and then use another tool to reduce the size in weight (kB or MB) of the images, such as

The main benefits of this online tool are:

  • Avoid installing a tool on your machine.
  • Apply the batch resizer (not just one image at a time).
  • Get lighter images for a more performing website.