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Convert to Uppercase Letters

The Uppercase Converter is an online tool to change your characters, words or text from lowercase to uppercase letters or convert from other letter case types like title case or alternating letter case.

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How Does this Upper Case Conversion Tool Work?

The text area automatically converts all the words to uppercase as you type text or paste text directly into it. Basically the input text area has a CSS class with the property { text-transform: uppercase; }, that make this HTML element always in uppercase mode.

After getting the text converted to UPPERCASE, click the button below to the text area to copy it to the clipboard.

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What are Uppercase Letters?

Uppercase letters are used at the beginning of sentences, in the first letter of the first word. If in the middle of the sentence you have a proper name, names of people or animals, it must also be written in capital letters. They are also used in titles and acronyms. When a word or phrase is all written in capital letters, it can mean something important, a call for attention but it can also mean shouting.

By convention in most programming languages, uppercase letters are used for contant names.

These are the english alphabet uppercase letters:
{ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z }

Send me your feedback about this uppercase converter tool and let me know if this web application works as you need it. If you need any improvement for this online tool, send me a message in the comments section.

You can learn about how this online tool works or contribute improving the Uppercase Converter by programming some new feature or fixing bugs. For that, go to Github on Github >> Uppercase Converter and make a pull request. This will be great!