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This is an online text replacer tool that allows you to find and replace text saving your time when you need to change some words in a large document.

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How does the Find and Replace Text work?

To use this tool you need:

  1. In the Input textarea, type or paste a block of text you want to replace.
  2. In the Search for input, put the term you want to search for.
  3. In the Replace with input, put the term you want to replace for.
  4. Choose options to improve your search.
  5. Click the Find and replace button. Actually the process will be applyed automatically.
  6. Finally, you can see the resulting text in the Output textarea.

You can view the source code of this online tool or contribute to improving it by programming some new feature or fixing bugs. For that, go to Github at Github >> Find and Replace Text Online and make a pull request. This will be great!