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Free Online CSV to JSON Converter

CSV to JSON Converter is a free online tool that converts a given text in CSV format to JSON format. You can chose a "file.csv", "file.txt" with a text structured in CSV format, or put directly the text in CSV format (separated by commas) in the first input text area. You can ignore some fields as needed.

Select your CSV file or type in the first box area

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Convert CSV to JSON Excluding Fields

After you select or type your CSV in the first text area, you can choose some fields to ignore, so these fields will don't appear in the output JSON format. For that, mark the checkbox "I want to ignore some fields" below of the apply button. This function can be very useful when you have a CSV with many fields and many records, and you need to ignore some fields.

What is CSV format file?

The CSV (comma-separated values) is a text file delimited by lines where each line is delimited by commas. Usually, the first line of the CSV is the header for the data of the remaining lines.

CSV format can be read by plain text editors, as it is plain text, in fact. Programs like LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Office Excel read this format, organizing them between columns and rows.

What is JSON format file?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a compact text format used for simple and fast data exchange between systems, where its main purpose is the use of key-value pairs.

Therefore, CSV and JSON are widely used data formats and we constantly need to convert CSV to JSON or convert from JSON to CSV.

Give me your feedback about the CSV to JSON Converter and let me know if you have some specific need or if you found some error in this tool, then I can implement this new feature to you and improve or fix this text tool. Also, let me know if you have some need about other different JSON tool converter or coding tool set.

You can learn about how this online tool works or contribute improving the CSV to JSON Converter by programming some new feature or fixing bugs. For that, go to Github on Github >> CSV to JSON Converter and make a pull request. This will be great!